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Fibromyalgia Awareness

Currently, there are no laboratory tests that can confirm a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. For the most part, fibromyalgia sufferers experience a variety of debilitating symptoms that seem to worsen over time and which often result in an endless line of doctor’s visits that bring neither relief nor answers.

30 Second Quick Fix For Chronic Pain

Doctors discovered that chronic pain is caused by small microtrauma that are left in the joints and muscles. These microtraumas if in the joints hinder full range of motion. Thereby, making it had to bend down even difficult to make movements with the body.

Pain Relief With Light

Pain relief using a light? Sounds crazy, but it’s not. In fact, the technology is now available in your own home. You no longer have to go to a specialist to get the pain relief you deserve.

Light Therapy For Pain Relief

Utilizing the power of light can help with your aches and pains. With advances in technology, this can now be done in the comfort of your own home.

Light For Pain Relief

Using light for pain relief is not a new technology. With advancements in technology, you can now sit at home and do it yourself.

Light Therapy Pain Relief

Light therapy pain relief may seem like some crazy alternative form of treatment, but athletes have used it for years. Only recently has this form of treatment been feasible for use outside of a doctor’s office and athletic training facility. Now, you can try it at home.

Effective Ways of Pain Management at Home

We have all experienced pain at some level or another, whether it be from a headache, back ache or some accident. We all know what it is like to suffer from a short bout of pain. But what if the pain just will not go away? Here are a few tips to help alleviate the pain and discomfort you may have.

Alternative Pain Relief and Avoiding Costly Prescriptions

Over the past decade there’s been a notable “boom” in the alternative medicine market, specifically focused on finding alternative pain relief for everything from chronic arthritis to menstrual cramps to cancer. While I can’t specifically speak to the last two from personal experience, I can describe in detail the benefits and drawbacks of alternative pain relief when it comes to arthritis, tendonitis, and joint pain in general.

Can Knee Sleeves Help Reduce Pain From Your Injuries?

If you have a knee injury and really need to relieve your pain, a knee sleeve may help. Find out how in this article.

Shoulder Slings – Can They Help Reduce Pain From Your Injuries?

What are the causes and symptoms of shoulder injuries? Pain is the most obvious sign that something is wrong. However, this is just one sign that there is a shoulder injury Other signs of an injury include: stiffness in your shoulder, feeling like your it might slide or pop out of socket, or lack of strength in your shoulder even when doing normal every day activities.

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