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Do Workouts Need to Be Long and Grueling?

Why is it that there are so many coaches out there who think the way to improve their player’s performance is by throwing them up against the wall every workout till the point of sickness? Why is it that those same coaches shut their minds to any outside information that serves to go against their ideas of a topic that which they have zero knowledge and background in?

Why Do My Heels Hurt? The Answers And Simple Solution

The short answer to Why do my heels hurt? is inflammation. The key is to correct the problem. In order to correct the problem we have to know the cause.

Avoiding Shoulder Dislocation and Separation Using Prolotherapy

The key to avoiding shoulder surgery or devastating shoulder separation requiring surgery is to strengthen the shoulder capsule. This can be accomplished by working the strong shoulder muscle group and/or by treating the weakened shoulder ligaments with a simple injection technique called Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is an injection therapy consisting mainly of dextrose which accelerates the body’s own inflammatory response to repair ligaments.

Prolotherapy Treatments

Prolotherapy treatments are an increasingly popular option for relieving chronic joint pain. This technique was developed in the 1940s, but was known only in smaller circles until the Mayo Clinic has expressed finding success with it in the past few years. The number of doctors specializing in this treatment across the country is relatively small, but should grow in the future due to the great number of success stories that have been produced.

Medial Branch Blocks For Chronic Neck Pain – Do They Work?

Chronic neck pain is very common in the US, with over 30% of the country experiencing neck pain annually. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people who experience neck pain end up with residual neck pain years later (over half). Medial branch blocks for chronic neck pain have been shown to work very well, providing on average five months at 50-80% pain relief.

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