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Poor Posture – See What Two Things it is Costing You

The two things poor posture costs you are money and good health. It costs you money in productivity that is hindered when your health is not at its best and it costs you your health when you have to live unnecessarily with aches and pains.

Alternative Ways to Get Rid of Pain

Not everybody likes to take painkillers to get rid of routine or chronic pain because of the side effects. It may be simple to pop a pill but the resulting impact on the stomach can cancel out the benefits. So what are the alternatives?

Can’t Sleep? Shoulder Pain Relief and Better Sleep in Three Simple Steps

Does it hurt to sleep? Shoulder pain and lack of sleep can really impact your life. Learn simple techniques for reducing your shoulder pain and getting a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of Electronic Acupuncture For Pain Management – Fact Or Fiction

Does electronic acupuncture measure up to traditional acupuncture when it comes to effective management of pain? The traditionalists view electronic acupuncture with scorn but is there really something in it?

How to Treat Tendonitis

Tendonitis (an inflammation of the tendons) shows up as pain, sometimes when moving and sometimes when resting the injured area. Typically, this is an injury that is common to the muscle group when overused. It is for this reason that we have terms like “tennis elbow”.

Shoulder Pain Side Sleeping – How to Relieve Your Pain and Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Shoulder pain can make it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. It can make it difficult to sleep on your side, find a comfortable position, or sleep through the night without interrupting. Most commonly, shoulder pain like this is a result of a rotator cuff injury. The good news is that there are many things you can do to reduce pain and recover from a rotator cuff injury. You’ll be able to sleep comfortably, get more rest, and recover faster.

Abdomen Pain – The Things You Should Know!

Abdomen pain or stomach cramps is a state where the blood vessels in the abdomen are pressured due to a release of too much blood. This condition can be caused by either internal or external factors.

Fibromyalgia – Magnetic Therapy As an Alternative

Fibromyalgia is a painful disease with a number of pharmaceutical and alternative therapies available. Discover how apply magnets to chronic areas of pain can help.

Foot Pain in the Big Toe – Ways to Relieve the Pain

Foot pain in the big toe is also commonly known as bunions. Most frequently charged in wearing tight, narrow and high heeled shoes, it seems that a lot of women are now paying the price of style and beauty with bunions on their feet. This problem is called Hallux Valgus although it is ordinarily known as a bunion and believe me, for those who battle this, it is a real pain in the big toe. With this problem of the forefoot, a bunion looks like a major bump on the inside of the foot around the joint of the big toe.

Dealing With Chronic Pain – Alternatives to Narcotic Medications

Try to digest this concept: Pain is an idea. That’s right. No matter how you slice it, pain is literally the recognition of a nerve impulse that is thought of as uncomfortable. That nerve impulse can be coming from anything, for anything, such as a cold/hot receptor, to a touch/pressure receptor, or many other things. It’s not until that nerve impulse is processed and recognized by your brain as pain that you actually feel pain. Got it? Ok then, so the million dollar question is, can we change your “ideas” about pain?

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