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Thermotherapy Vs Cryotherapy: The Showdown

We’ve all had that coach or doctor who insisted on either the application of heat or cold to soothe and help heal muscle and/or joint injuries, aches, and pains. Despite many coach’s answer of “ice it” for everything, the fact is that both have their time and place… the trick is to know when thermotherapy or when cryotherapy will be beneficial.

A Brief Overview of the Causes and Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Knee pain can emerge in any of the body structures consisting of the knee joint (femur, fibula, and tibia), the knee cap or the cartilages and ligaments of the knee. Overuse of tendons can lead to immense knee pain, especially in the front knee.

Joint Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

Joint pain can last for a few weeks (acute pain) or for many months (chronic pain). The membrane surrounding the joint is attacked by the body’s immune system which results in fluid collection around the joint that causes immense pain, swelling and inflammation.

Phantom Limb Pain Relief

Phantom Limb pain can ruin lives. The life of the person feeling it, and the lives of those loving and caring for them. Many treatment methods fail. Hypnosis often works, when nothing else has.

Can Magnetic Therapy Relieve Pain? Orthodox Versus Alternative Medicine

Orthodox medicine regards magnetic therapy as quack medicine – even for pain relief – arguing that it is the placebo effect. But when double-blind studies suggest otherwise, the defenders of the status quo cry foul and question the reliability of those studies. But is this carrying scepticism too far?

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