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Non-Operative Spinal Conditions

Injuries and diseases of the spine can often be treated in a less evasive, non-operative manner. Spinal disorders like scoliosis and spondylosis can be properly treated with physical therapy, back braces and chiropractic therapy, allowing patients to avoid going under the knife.

Anxiety Muscle Fatigue – One of the Major Symptoms of Anxiety

Approximately, 6.8 million adults worldwide are affected by anxiety and the symptoms of this psychological state of mind can prove to be rather crippling. Anxiety muscle fatigue is one of the most stressful and troublesome symptoms of anxiety that bothers people suffering from anxiety the most.

A Guide to Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that everyone is subjected to in their lifetime. It is a wear-and-tear affliction that occurs naturally over time.

New Professional Football Rules: No Helmet to Helmet Contact

There is a new rule in professional football, banning helmet to helmet contact. This is designed to protect players from concussions.

What Does Hernia Mean?

Have you ever heard about the condition known as hernia? This condition is usually experienced by people without any symptoms at all. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to determine if you have the condition unless you go to the hospital for a thorough diagnosis.

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