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Is Exercise Therapy a Solution for Back Pain Treatment?

Exercises are the best way to cure back pain. The best way to cure a disease is to find the cause behind it. Back pain might occur anywhere in the spinal cord. There are different regions of spinal cord where the pain can occur like lower back or upper back.

Sprained Ankle Vs Broken Ankle

Injuries suffered to the small joint of the ankle can also be extremely difficult to diagnose due to the amount of swelling that may occur when an injury happens to that region of the body. So how do you determine the difference between a sprained ankle and a broken ankle? This is a very good question and you will find all of your answers within this article.

Current Management Issues in Angina

Angina is a symptom usually caused by coronary artery disease. When an increase in myocardial oxygen requirement is not matched by a corresponding increase in coronary blood flow, visceral pain fibres of the autonomic nervous system cause the patient to experience sensory disturbance. Angina is usually appreciated as a retrosternal chest discomfort variously described as a burning or pressure sensation, or tightness occurring on exertion (physical or emotional), in cold whether or after food.

Objective Assessment for Confirmation of the Diagnosis of Angina

Exercise stress testing with standardized treadmill or bicycle protocols may both confirm the diagnosis and indicate prognosis in angina. Exercise induced ST segment shift has 84% specificity and 68% sensitivity for the diagnosis of angina. False positive investigation occur particularly in young women.

When States Turn Overly Strict on Pain Medication Prescriptions

Unfortunately one of the things that is being seen in numerous states now are onerously strict new pain management rules that are leaving patients without care at all. Unfortunately one of the stereotypes that gets thrown to pain management patients is that they are all drug seekers. In fact we know this is simply not the case, as there are certain patients who have conditions that are not amenable to either surgery or interventional pain management procedures any more.

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