New York Votes to Legalize Marijuana; New York Becomes 16th State to Legalize Marijuana

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Exposure of Charged Particle Beam on the Brain of the Humans Leads to a Painless Death

By the progress of technology, following to advancements on directed energy systems and magnetic resonance, over an introductory research on potentials of application of charged particle beam on the brain of the humans which can lead to a painless consecutive death, we shall investigate for the possibility of prevention of the extreme pain that a volunteer patient may highly suffer of, before the death as a state for relieving the pain itself. Exposure of charged particle beam on the brain of the humans, potentially, leads to a painless death. The basal ganglia, S1 and BA3, S2, BA46, BA10, BA9, BA5, the pretectal area, the hippocampus (and the other parts of the limbic system), and the thalamus are the most important locations in the human’s brain, and targeting them destroys the home of our personality and the control/attention center of the brain, over NDE it leads to finishing the life process of a patient who is suffering intolerable pain. Thus, this experiment has several potentials for application; more research must be conducted with regard to in-depth understanding of these neural networks.

You Can Find Pain Relief Without Medication

If you are one of the estimated 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain it may surprise you to know that you do not have to resort to drug therapy for relief. The good news is that treatment provided by doctors of chiropractic has been shown to be superior to the pharmaceutical approach.

Facts About Pain Management and Its History

In ancient times, people kept recorded the causes of pain and the treatment used on stone tablets. They used pressure, heat, water, and sun for treating pain. Earlier people regarded pain as effect of magic, evil and demons. The shamans, priests, sorcerers and priestesses, used herbs, rites, and performed ceremonies for treatment of pain.

Topical Remedies: The Right Way to Let You Avoid Surgical Procedures for the Knee

In most medical conditions, knee joint pain is triggered when there is an inadequate amount of synovial fluid in microcavities or articular cartilage. Topically applied medications that are especially meant for joint pain often work by increasing the circulation of blood around the joints. This stimulates synovial membranes to produce synovial fluid, which ensures smooth movement of joints.

The Role Of Osteopathic Medicine To Your Neck Pain

Osteopathic treatments use a combination of natural manual techniques, lifestyle changes and exercises to help facilitate recovery from pains and injuries. The focus points of the treatments are the muscles, joints and nerves which play crucial roles in the circulation of both blood and lymph.

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