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The Varied Forms of Arthritis Treatment for Pain Management

There are many forms of arthritis treatment that have been handed down for generations that still supply relief. These home remedies are often combined with nonprescription medications to decrease the cost of treatments, but some cases warrant very strong prescription drugs, surgical operations, and joint injections.

Vitamin Supplements to Promote Wellness and Anti-Aging

Help your body naturally reduce pain with a delicious diet that reduces inflammation in muscles, joints, and organs. Eat healthy to reduce pain.

Why Do Women Have More ACL Injuries?

It is well-known that females sustain anterior cruciate ligament tears at higher rates than males. Why? It’s actually still an open-ended question, with no definitive answer having been proven.

An Overview of Unloader Knee Braces

In the US, over 10 million people suffer from arthritis in the knee known as osteoarthritis, which is the wear and tear type of arthritis. Treatments for arthritis of the knee are designed to avoid the last resort which is a knee replacement. Why? They are not designed to last forever. One of the methods that are used nonoperatively for knee arthritis includes knee bracing, specifically an unloader knee brace.

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain Provides Better Results Than Narcotics

For quite a few years now it has been well-known that chiropractic manipulation is an effective treatment for patients suffering with low back pain. It is also known that chiropractic adjustments for neck pain work very well, but there has not been a large scale research study before that showed statistically this was the case. Well now there is one.

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