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How Water Intake and Sleep Patterns Can Inhibit Inflammation

Statistics say that at least 125 million Americans suffer from chronic inflammation. While inflammation doesn’t sound like a condition that’s too dire, it can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, weight gain, dementia and autoimmune disorders.

So What Works? Which Approaches Effectively Relieve Pain?

With studies of alternative healing in such an imperfect state, how can we evaluate what works? Fortunately, just as Richard Feynman noted, we can learn about energy even when our study is limited. For holistic practice, that means moving from serially trying things with the label “holistic” to pursuing demonstrable, comprehensive approaches to health and healing.

What IS Pain? You May Be Surprised – I Know I Was

What causes pain? Turns out, we don’t have pain receptors — the brain takes information from the cells and “interprets” pain, both where it’s felt and how much. When the brain gets this wrong, chronic pain sets in.

Are You in Pain? You Aren’t Alone

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans suffer chronic pain, and over half of these people say they have little or no ability to control their pain. And yet, even people with the most severe pain still rate their overall health as “good” — meaning there’s no reason they should heal. Instead, they turn to opioids and NSAIDS, ironically increasing pain sensitivity and slowly destroying internal organs. This is why over 30% of adults use alternative medicine each year. But it’s not the fault of the doctors – it’s the nature of pain itself.

Relieve Chronic Neck Pain Caused By Stress With These Easy Steps

Experiencing too much stress and anxiety can literally be a pain in the neck. When you go through tension and stress, it becomes evident in the body by emerging as tense and rigid muscles or a headache. The part of the body that is most affected when you experience chronic stress and tension is the neck. Ease your neck pain by carrying out these easy steps.

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