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Impact of Post-Accident Chronic Pain Syndrome

Most people feel some sort of temporary pain after being injured in an accident. After all, pain is the way our body tells us that we are injured, and it serves a useful function by restricting our movement whilst our injuries heal. Where pain persists after an injury has healed then it loses its usefulness and becomes a problem. This type of long term unresolved pain is known as chronic pain.

Who Should Use a Lift Chair and Why?

This article describes what types of conditions can be alleviated by use of a lift chair. A lift chair is just as comfortable as an ordinary recliner, but the user can push a button to have the chair gently lift up to help the user stand.

Knee Pain Support – Chronic Knee Joint Pain – Well Designed Braces Can Help! Special Report

How are your knees doing lately? Do you have knee joint pain that never seems to really stop?

Some Essential Facts of Fibromyalgia That You Should Know

Fibromyalgia has become a common disease nowadays; millions of people in the US are now getting affected from this incurable disease. The pain brought by the disease is literally excruciating and this is very true that normal people can never imagine how painful and difficult it is to suffer from Fibromyalgia.

6 Ways to Manage a Pain Flare Up

Unfortunately, there will be days when pain takes over and try as we might, we simply cannot get on with our day. It’s easy to become upset, and angry that we have no control over the pain.

What’s a Muscle Spasm?

Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of a muscle, a group of muscles. Often they happen suddenly without any prior warning. Although muscle spasms tend to be harmless and only last a few minutes, they can occasionally be accompanied by sudden sharp bursts of pain causing the sufferer to feel very uncomfortable. Spasmism is when a series of spasms or permanent spasms occur within a muscle or group of muscles. Sometimes muscle spasm can also be cause by certain medical conditions, such as dystonias.

Pain Management and Pain Treatment Overview

Pain Management is a discipline concerned with pain relief and needs proper assessment of the pain causes. As the pain cause is assessed and described then the relevant doctor can prescribe the pain medicine or pain treatment for the person.

Simple Shoe Inserts For Pain Relief and Shoes With Built in Orthotics

As a consumer of functional footwear you can really find what you are looking for online when it comes to shoes. Especially when you are looking for shoes that can help with pain relief and typical foot ailments. What kind of footwear can you find to relieve foot pain?

3 Instant Natural Muscle Pain Cures

Most pain in your back, shoulders, arms, legs, knees or hands come from your muscles. If you treat these muscles, most or nearly all of you pain will go away. For instance shoulder pain is usually caused by the rotator cuff muscles due to the stretch and strain from your shoulder.

TMJ Exercises – Fix Your Jaw With TMJ Exercises

TMJ is a jaw condition that is estimated to affect approximately 20% of the U.S. population. It is caused by the displacement of the jaw because of tight muscles and tendons pulling it too far in one direction. This can cause severe pain, teeth grinding and clenching, headaches, hearing and vision problems.

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