Why are people still in jail for cannabis crimes?

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Some Simple Ways to Get Over Everyday Body Aches

We have all suffered from bouts of body ache. We often find that once someone is 40, he or she is likely to suffer from random body aches at times, more often when the individual is working. Most often, the body ache is likely to leave by itself over time. But when it lasts longer, it could have some ill effects on our health. One could end up suffering from fever.

Sports Injuries: Sometimes, the Most Difficult Thing To Do Is Stop Moving

There are some people who lead relatively sedentary lifestyles. They are less active by nature. This doesn’t mean they are unhealthy, however, as even a sedentary person can get in some form of exercise (and people operate at different energy levels). On the other hand, there are those individuals who are active by nature. They work out, spend time outdoors, or otherwise do something physically active daily. They also push themselves to challenge their physical limits. Inevitably, this results in some form of exhaustion, strain, or even injury. The toughest part? Letting themselves heal.

Hematoma Treatment – Traditional & Alternative Medicine

Have you ever received a hematoma injury and wondered if there was additional treatment to speed up the healing? This article shares what a hematoma really is and other treatments for healing.

Over-The-Counter Solutions for Pain Management

Medications intended for pain management often have habit-forming potential. Learn about a few alternative approaches.

Getting Over Everyday Strains and Sprains Has Never Been Easier!

When the body does not get some regular exercise, it becomes more prone to strains and sprains. So we sometimes find that we suffer from a lower back pain which was nonexistent earlier. Sometimes, one might suffer from a shooting pain in arms or legs, maybe even a stiff neck. Pain might go by itself if we keep ourselves hydrated, but sometimes the fatigue sets in. We might want to miss a day at work or sometimes even parties after work do not seem a welcome idea.

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