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Five Top Tips To Alleviate A Tension Headache

Tension headaches are one of the most common forms of a headache. They can occur regardless or your age group or sex. According to experts from pain clinics, a tension headache can develop whenever you perform an activity where your head is held in one position without movement for an extended period of time.

The Right Kind of Exercise Twice A Week May Be Sufficient For Chronic Pain Management

What’s your exercise dosage? New research suggests an aquatic program twice a week may be enough to help those with pain.

Pain Management – Lower Back

Lower back pain amongst adults is one of the leading causes of the over use of over-the-counter pain medication. The lower back is a complex structure that has a number of overlapping elements including muscle, tendon, soft tissue, nerve endings, spinal discs and complex joints.

Hip Pain Has Several Causes

Your hips are one of the most frequently used joints in the body. It is used for any kind of movement, right from when we are born till the end of our lives. Also, this joint is the largest ball and socket joint which is present in the human body. A layer of cartilage is present between the bones so that no friction is caused during movement. This cartilage protects the hip but lack of it may result in pain due to the friction that is created between the bones when there is no cushioning between them. Considering the hips are used all the time by the body, it is not surprising that the cartilage can often get worn out.

Pain Not the Only Health Concern for Many With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain patients often exhibit a number of symptoms not limited to pain, or even to the body. Taking a whole-body, whole-mind approach will likely yield the best results.

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