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Reduce Pain Symptoms With Meditation Techniques

Pain symptoms… whether sudden and short lived, or intense and lingering… are the most often cited reason for a visit to the doctor, and one of medicine’s biggest challenges. Pain can be a symptom of many medical problems, or can arise on its own without any detectable reason.

Chronic Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia And How To Treat Them

Fibromyalgia can cause a lot of pain and suffering for many people. Symptoms are also commonly referred to as flare ups, as the symptoms do come and go. When the condition persists, fibromyalgia is known as chronic – it just keeps coming back on a recurring basis.

How Best To Deal With Dreadful Back Pain

Back pain is clearly no problem that is restricted to a chosen few. In fact, everybody must have suffered from back pain at some or the other point in their lives. While over 50% or the population of the world is afflicted with back stiffness, not all of them deal with the same kind and strength of discomfort.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome Of the Low Back and Hips

Myofascial pain syndrome of the low back and hips is caused by pain producing “trigger points”(TrP) in the gluteus medius muscle. Some patients will refer this as “a pain in the butt”. It is important to stress that myofascial pain syndrome can affect any muscle in the body, and in any area of the body. A common area affected can be in the upper back over the shoulder blade (scapula) area that is caused by trigger points in the trapezius muscle. The myofascial pain syndrome can even affect the side of the face, causing pain in the jaw, commonly affecting the tempero-mandibular joint TMJ).

An Overview of Open and Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Over 350,000 people in the US have a carpal tunnel release done each year. Carpal tunnel syndrome represents one of the most common causes of work absence in the US each year. The open tunnel release procedure is performed to relieve pressure on the median nerve, alleviating the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. The endoscopic procedure is more expensive but some studies show the procedure results in less pain and faster recovery.

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