Should You Run Your Cannabis Company Like a Hedge Fund?

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Whiplash Cure – Is There An Immediate Cure?

A lot of people are looking for the best whiplash cure. It’s a common neck condition that people get mainly because of car accidents. It can also be obtained through strenuous activities, such as lifting or exercising, or even from bad sleeping positions. It’s not really dangerous but if not treated correctly, it may lead to serious complications.

Prevent Or Reduce Knee Pain Naturally

What is the key ingredient in having healthy knees? No pills and medicines! Learn how you can stay away from knee pains and prevent it from slowing you down in a natural way.

A New Approach to Pain (Based on a Very Very Old Approach!)

A quick summary of the scientific basis of pain, followed by a tested and effective strategy for managing pain, dealing with the physical, emotional and social ramifications of both chronic and acute pain. Based on both modern science and ancient wisdom traditions.

Stomach Pain Cure – Effective and Permanent Natural Treatment

Stomach pain can be due to several reasons but chronic and acute stomach pain can disrupt normal life routine. Read this article to know natural cure for stomach pain to cure it permanently.

How Does A Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial Work?

Prior to receiving a final spinal cord stimulator implant, the patient needs to receive a spinal cord stimulator trial. The trial can tell the physician if the patient will potentially do well with the final implant. The typical rule of thumb is if the patient receives 50% or greater pain relief with the SCS trial, then the final implant is indicated.

Chiropractic Care and the Challenge of Neck Pain During Sleep

When you wake up from sleep with neck pain, it is most probably that you slept in a poor position where your neck and back did not get the necessary support. With many different sleeping positions people use in sleep, some of them could cause neck pain. But this can be avoided if you know the proper position in sleeping or you can also visit your chiropractor for a consultation otherwise a treatment if you already got neck pain caused by your sleep.

TMJ Treatment at Home – 5 Myths About TMJ You Need to Break!

Are you suffering from Temporo Mandibular Joint disorder? Do you have the impression that your only choice for recovery is surgery? Are you scared that you might be afflicted for life with a sensitive, tender jaw?

Massage Therapy – Pain Elimination Vs Pain Management

Pain may be an inevitable part of life, but you can use Massage Therapy to prevent and to manage your pain. Appreciate Massage Therapy for the pain relief it can provide, and try to let go of expectations of complete pain elimination. This will give you peace of mind during the massage and after. Use it on a regular basis for health and wellness maintenance. Massage Therapists can help you figure out your pain patterns to decrease and prevent future pain. This is the difference between pain management and pain elimination.

Hip Replacement: Electro Therapy – Can It Postpone It? (It May Worth Checking It Out For Free)

As we “Baby-Boomers” age, we’re told our joints wear out, and there is no alternative other than to have our leg cut off, and have a shank-of-steel stuffed down the raw end of the bone. Thankfully, the cost is only about $45,000 per joint… What if it was possible to use a little-known therapy to absolutely take care of the same problem? I don’t mean “take away the pain”, I mean to help the joint heal. Would you at least explore the alternative by reading this report?

Cold Laser Therapy – A New Treatment For Pain

The treatment of pain can be a complicated process. However, treatment using cold laser (low level laser) is quickly catching on in clinics worldwide.

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