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Osteoporosis Treatment Guidelines – Six Steps Toward the Natural Treatment of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis treatment guidelines encourage adequate calcium and vitamin D intake-even when osteoporosis medication has been prescribed. But how much vitamin D should we be taking? And what other vitamins and minerals support the building of healthy bones?

Plantar Fasciitis May Cause Severe Pain in Your Arch

This article describes what happens when the fascia tissue that run across your foot tear and become inflamed. The author also describes some of the treatments you can expect to manage that pain.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be classified by onset, type, and location: the onset of pain can be either sudden or gradual; the type of pain can be either constant or crampy; the location can be either localized or diffuse. Using a thermometer, check anyone suffering from abdominal pain for a fever.

Are You Adapting?

Adaption. Every cell, organ, and tissue is controlled by the nervous system. How’s yours working?

Rotator Cuff Pain – Do You Know What Causes It?

Rotator cuff disease is a general term used to describe any affliction of the rotator cuff that causes pain. There are several structures and conditions that can cause pain in the shoulder. These include tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, laxity and impingement. This article will discuss and define the basics of these problems.

Rotator Cuff Pain – How Do I Know If There’s a Problem and What Can Be Done About It?

Have you been dealing with rotator cuff pain (pain in or near your shoulder) in hopes that it will just go away? This type of pain can be debilitating and force you to stop your normal level of activity. It can prevent you from doing basic things like getting dressed, washing your hair, playing with your kids and recreational activities. Rotator cuff pain can also force you to lose time from work as it affects your ability to do your job. This article will highlight some of the more important aspects of this painful condition.

Chronic Shoulder Pain – What Does the History Tell Us?

Have you been suffering from chronic shoulder pain? The history behind your pain may hold important clues that will help a trained clinician uncover what the source of your pain may be. When describing your shoulder joint pain it is important that you don’t leave out any details, no matter how small or insignificant you think they are. To accurately reach a diagnosis every detail counts.

Chronic Shoulder Pain – Common Diagnoses Explained

Determining a diagnosis of acute or chronic shoulder pain includes combining all of the information gathered from a patient’s evaluation of the problem. This includes the history, the examination, and any diagnostic tests that were performed such as x-rays, CT scan or MRI. When the information from these areas is analyzed the trained clinician can make a accurate diagnosis. This article will discuss some of the more common shoulder pathologies that can cause shoulder muscle pain.

Low Level Laser Treatment For Muscle Pain

Low level laser therapy is a relatively new school of thought, which began in 1967. Endre Mester studied the effects of laser light on skin cancer at the Semmelweis University, the oldest and most prestigious medical school in Hungary. Mester launched the studies so that other scholars and medical professionals could look further into the clinical benefits of low level laser treatment, or LLLT. For several decades, medical experts were still considering low level lasers as “experimental” treatments.

Exercises For Rotator Cuff Injury Help Ease Shoulder Pain and Gain Strength

Before you consider surgery, you need to look into exercises for rotator cuff injury that can not only ease your shoulder pain, but help you to get your strength and flexibility back to this important part of your body. When you undergo surgery, you are possibly looking at weeks of healing time, but what if you could start repairing your injuries with some simple, yet effective exercises? If your doctor is recommending surgery, you may not be wanting to undergo surgery and are looking at the possible benefits of exercises.

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