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Is Ice Or Heat Best For Musculoskeletal Injury?

After musculoskeletal injury, it is unclear when to use ice versus heat. There actually is no Level 1 research to say one modality is superior. The current mode of thinking is to utilize ice early on for 48-72 hours and then switch over to heat or potentially an alternating ice/heat regimen.

Fighting Inflammation One Bite at a Time

Inflammation is your body’s immune response to infection caused by bacteria or viruses, irritation, allergies, parasites, or injury. Symptoms of inflammation may include swelling, pain, redness and fever. There are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic.

Lumbar Selective Nerve Root Injections – What Are They and Why Are They Done?

A lumbar selective nerve root block serves a dual purpose in the evaluation of a patient with sciatica. One is diagnostic, to correlate the pain with what is thought to be the offending nerve root causing it. The second is therapeutic in an effort to provide pain relief for a patient in pain from radiculopathy.

Pain Management For Athletes

Sports injury is a common problem for a number of athletes. Both men and women are equally affected by sports injuries and develop aches some time or another. A sport injury is a relapse for all athletes, but with proper pain management and rehabilitation, they can get back in action soon. Physical therapy plays a key role in this regard and helps maintain and restore maximum body movements and functions. A physical therapist provides various hand-on therapies that activate the natural healing process, restores the loss of movement and prevent injuries. In this article we will highlight the significant role of physical therapy in pain management.

What is Sciatica?

If you suddenly experience pain that starts in your lower back or hip and radiates down your leg beyond your knee to your foot, you may have a protruding (herniated) disk causing the leg pain. That leg pain which radiates to the foot is known as sciatica.

Bolster Pillow

Previously used only as an ornament, a typical bolster pillow is at present both decorative and also functional. Its unique cylindrical shape alone already gets second looks, and all the more gets more attention when covered with stunningly-designed plain or patterned cases. Very versatile due to the different sizes, degree of softness, and styles, one or more can be placed on a couch, a bed, a car, and the like. Indeed, bolster pillows effectively adds a cozy feel and a beautiful sight to anywhere they are put. Plus, of equal significance is their comfort, medical, and therapeutic functions.

Foot Massager Reviews

After walking around all day and being on your feet, wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and have a nice relaxing foot massage? You can do this all in the comfort of your own home with portable foot massagers.

The Acupressure Mat is the Pain Relief Product That Really Works!

Pain from muscles and joints can be quite frustrating. Painkillers will relieve the pain, but in the long run it is better to help your body to heal itself the natural way. Acupuncture, and the more “user friendly” acupressure mat, can be used in your own home and reliably reduce the pain. Since it is completely natural there are no side effects at all.

Why Pain Management Doctors Drug Test Their Patients

Even under the most humane and disease related indications, physicians face significant risks by prescribing controlled medications. Pain management safeguards are necessary in this day and age to protect both the patient and provider for different reasons. The common denominator is pain relief and improved quality of life for the patient, while at the same time providing for the highest level of patient safety and minimizing the chance of prescription diversion.

Chiropractic and Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica pain can be very distracting. More and more patients are seeking out alternative treatment and the natural health approach offered by chiropractic. Chiropractic care has proven to be quite helpful in providing sciatica relief.

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