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Five Treatments Your Local Chiropractor Should Provide for Pain Management

At any one point in time, over 10% of Americans are under the care of a chiropractor. Satisfaction with chiropractic treatment has been shown to be over 85% in the US. When looking for a local chiropractor to help with your back or neck pain, there are multiple things you should look for now that chiropractors are treating with more and more types of treatment.

Is Facial Pain Interfering With Your Life?

If you have chronic facial pain you are not alone. Many adults suffer from pain in and around the ear, clicking or popping noises when opening and/or closing the mouth, neck pain, headaches and tenderness of the jaw.

A Simple and Natural Cure For Shingles

The number of shingles patients continues to increase despite massive proliferation of information about its causes and prevention through the internet and other media. Unfortunately there is no permanent cure for shingles pain in allopathic treatment.

How to Treat Herpes Zoster/Shingles Naturally and Permanently

Besides the two major types of herpes– simplex virus-HSV 1 and herpes simplex virus-HSV2, there is yet another type of herpes. It is called herpes zoster or shingles. The symptoms disappear within a week or fortnight. But the real problem begins when you suffer from post herpetic neuralgia-a very painful condition. The disease may cause severe pain in people over 60. It may last very long and may not be treated by pharmaceutical medicines.

Chiropractors Offer Modern Pain Management Treatment Options

Chiropractor treatment has expanded in the past 15 years dramatically. Decades ago, chiropractic treatment consisted mainly of spinal manipulations and a few exercises along with maybe some weight loss treatment. That is no longer the case by an exponential amount as multiple additional treatment are now being offered by chiropractors.

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