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A Chiropractor Makes a Good Doctor for Post-Traumatic Fibromyalgia

Trauma as a trigger of fibromyalgia is a highly controversial and medicolegally charged issue in the society today. It is more disabling than its other causes particularly of the idiopathic type. People who developed this syndrome from this cause have more perceived disability, self-reported pain, life interference, and affective distress than people who developed the syndrome with idiopathic onset. Those who are afflicted with this condition respond poorly to conventional medicine. That is why over 90% of the patients with this condition turn to complementary and alternative medicines and access their providers which include chiropractors.

Pain Relief Physicians

Living your life free of body pains and aches is important to a trained physician. Pain relief physicians specialize in targeting the source of your pain and fixing it along the way. No patient who enters the office of a physician should leave without a diagnoses and a kick start to a pain free lifestyle.

Top Important 10 Things You Need to Know About Pain Drugs

Tramadol is one of the most important pain relief drugs in the world and it is being used by millions of people from all over the world. Find out what are the most important things you need to know about tramadol before you start taking it.

Possible Ways to Take the Pain Down

We all become worry about the things we swallow especially if it is pain relievers. There have been news that some pain relievers cause dependence but there is nothing you can do but to gulp them down. Luckily, nature has found another way to solve that problem for you.

Chiropractic Care and Temporomandibular Disorder – Why Do the Head and Neck Hurt?

Millions of people suffer with the intense pain of migraine headaches and neck pain each year. Often, these headaches and neck pain are merely a symptom of a common jaw disorder caused by improper bite alignment called Temporomandibular Disorder, which is often referred to as TMD. Fortunately, chiropractic care offers treatment to help eliminate headaches and neck pain caused by jaw problems. Chiropractic care is proven to be more effective than medications, and is cheaper and safer than what traditional medical care offers.

Four Stages in the Development of Osteonecrosis of the Knee

Osteonecrosis, a medical condition known as “death of the bone”, occurs when bone segments suffer from a loss of or diminished blood supply causing bone fragments to literally waste away; unknown to many, the knee is the second most common joint to attain osteonecrosis, the hip being the first. This condition highly affects older women, above 60 years of age. A possible cause of osteonecrosis of the knee can be from aging or other internal factors and conditions, such as kidney transplants, or even obesity; regardless, osteonecrosis can evolve into severe osteoarthritis if not treated properly.

Questions and Answers on TENS Units

This article gives basic answers to questions about TENS units, which are small devices used for pain management in many disease conditions. They are effective, low risk, and covered by insurance.

Psoriasis Relief From A Natural Salve

Psoriasis relief is a much sought after result. In our society we seem to have an inordinate number of people who suffer from this irritating and painful skin disease, and who don’t seem to get much relief. Many medications that are prescribed don’t work all that well and have undesirable side effects. Many people have found that a natural salve has proven to give beneficial results with no side effects.

4 Foods to Eat to Stop Back Pain in Its Tracks (One May Shock You)

Did you know that what you eat can actually relieve your back pain? As hard be believe as that may seem, if you’ve tried everything with no success, you might be surprised to discover that these 4 common foods might actually be able to make you feel better.

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace – Insurance Coverage – Brace Companies Near You

If you are looking for a brace to help you with carpal tunnel, then this article can help. We will teach you what these braces do and how to find professionals at a brace company near you.

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