Cannabis History: An Amendment for Pot Prohibition?

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Do Pain Clinics Use Drug Testing Labs or Instant Screening Methods?

Pain management doctors often test their patients with drug testing. This is just one of the methods utilized to ensure that patients are sticking with their treatment plan and not abusing illicit drugs while being prescribed narcotics. The various methods used for drug testing in a physician’s office may be a urine sample or a saliva drug test.

Types of Olecranon Bursitis Treatment for Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is something that is very common nowadays and can happen to many people especially those who participates in activities that requires the repetitive usage of the elbow, which in turn places extreme pressure on the structures of the elbow joint. If the bursitis is due to infection, the bursa can be drained away with the usage of a needle and the fluid removal relieves pain. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to fight the infection.

What Are the Different Categories Of Pain Management Injections?

Acute and chronic pain syndromes in the United States have reached an epidemic status. Over 100 million Americans suffer from pain according to the latest study from the Institute of Medicine. Thankfully, pain management technology continues to build on top of the tried and true procedures, allowing patients a better chance than ever to gain pain relief.

Restless Leg Or Irritable Leg Syndrome

This is a condition that usually affects people who are 40 years of age or older. The condition itself is not usually painful, but is reported as having unusual sensations in the legs. The patient can report burning, crawling or itching sensations.

Dry Eyes Syndrome

There are glands within the eyes essentially to produce tears and keep the eye lubricated, and these are called lacrimal glands, In the last decade, more and more individuals have developed the problem of the dry eye syndrome. It is believed that that there are over 5 million Americans suffering from this problem, and usually they are of the senior generation It is a condition that can occur at any age, however, as we age the problem becomes more prevalent, and it seems that women more than men are affected.

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