Cannabis Extraction and Distillation – How to Make Cannabis Concentrates

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Osteopathy: Medicine’s Best Kept Secret

Osteopathy is a branch of traditional medicine that treats acute/chronic pain, injuries, and illnesses from a hands on perspective. Osteopathy is unlike any other hands on modality, and is a gentle, safe, and effective long term solution for many medical problems. Treatment is appropriate for anyone of any age and condition, including infants and children, pregnant women, those in a fragile condition, and elite athletes. Osteopathy is part of the practice of medicine and therefore requires formal medical training, residency, and continued medical education studies in osteopathy.

Pain Management Techniques That Can Offer You Some Relief

If you are tired of living in pain, visit a pain management specialist. This person can help you live a more productive and active life that is discomfort free.

Arthritis and Class 4 Laser Therapy: The New Cutting Edge Treatment for Pain

Generally there are 2 types of laser therapy for pain, cold lasers or class 4 lasers. Lasers are in classes based on power output. When a patient has pain, the more therapeutic the laser, the more power it is putting out. The power output is represented in joules of energy. A class 1 laser has about 0.5 watts, while a class 4 laser has about 10 watts. This makes a huge difference for the patient receiving the treatment. This article is based on the Class 4 Laser Treatment. The laser speeds up the healing process rapidly and reduces pain as much as 75% the first treatment.

An Overview of Clavicle Bone Fracture – The Collar Bone

A clavicle fracture is commonly called a broken collar bone. This is a common injury that affects adults and children of all ages. The clavicle bone is a long bone that runs between the shoulder blade and the rib cage.

Sciatic Pain Nutritional Supplements

Sciatic nerve pain, referred to as sciatica, is often caused by inflammation. This is a list of sciatica nutritional supplements that have been shown to have antiinflammation properties and reduce the severity of sciatic pain caused by inflammation.

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