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Why Radiofrequency Ablation Is Great for Neck Pain

One of the most technological modern advancements in pain management these days is the advent of radiofrequency ablation. What exactly is radiofrequency ablation? The procedure is one that is performed as an outpatient by pain management physicians.

What To Do If You Have Sciatica From A Pinched Nerve

A herniated disc sometimes pushes on a spinal nerve and causes sciatica. The sciatic nerve is actually not one nerve root but a compilation of multiple nerve roots including the fourth and fifth lumbar nerve route along with the first sacral nerve root which combines together into a large nerve call the sciatic nerve. This is why when the sciatic nerve is being compressed, in layman’s terms called a pinched nerve, it is termed sciatica. In order to avoid surgery from a herniated disc, what are the treatment options available in the acute phase of having sciatica?

Is Tennis Elbow Always Caused by Playing Tennis?

The term tennis elbow is a catch-all phrase used to describe a tendonitis condition affecting the upper forearm muscles that are typically overused when playing tennis. However, many people can and do develop tennis elbow who have never ever picked up a tennis racket in their life! We will get to the bottom some of the causes and reveal the best ways to treat tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis.

What to Do When Your Chronic Pain Cannot Be Fixed

There are certain situations as a pain management patient when your pain cannot be fixed permanently with either surgery or physical therapy. This could be due to either having had a previous surgery that did not get rid of all of your pain or potentially made it worse. It could also be due to a situation that is not amenable to surgery such as diabetic neuropathy or a different type of neuropathy that is simply something the patient has to live with.

How Do Gel Packs Help in Pain Management?

Deskbound jobs are causing a number of ailments among working adults in America. Chronic back and cervical pain, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and other injuries are caused by prolonged hours at the office, working at a computer terminal.

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