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Whiplash and Chiropractic Management

The injuries associated with whiplash can lead to a disruption of normal daily activity. There can be immediate symptoms or a delay in the onset of pain and possibly associated disability that can last for days, weeks, months, or longer, depending on each case. After a person sustains a whiplash injury they may seek the services of a chiropractor. Some will see the chiropractor immediately after the accident while others will visit a chiropractor after some time has passed and/or after seeing other healthcare specialists. Chiropractors are well suited to give treatment and advice to most victims of whiplash.

Are Your Hemorrhoids Killing You, or Does It Just Feel Like It? When You Should Visit the Doctor

Hemorrhoids are a very common condition. Most people just try to get through the pain and embarrassment. But when could a simple case of hemorrhoids be something more serious? When should you swallow your pride and make an appointment with the doctor? Follow these simple tips to help yourself stay healthy and hemorrhoid free.

The Heart Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments have proven conclusively to help patients with musculoskeletal pain, but there is reason to believe that there are other benefits that are not as immediately evident. The Palmer Chiropractic College infers that the central organ of the body that keeps life going might also improve because of chiropractic adjustments. Until recently, not much was considered about heart health for those undergoing chiropractic manipulations, but the Palmer Chiropractic College has been investigating the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to analyze heart rate variations in relation to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Treatments Proven Better for Pain Than Medications

It is no secret that painkillers used for chronic or even temporal pain can produce serious side effects. Overdose and addiction are frequent results from using dangerous drugs. Still, many doctors continually prescribe pills in lieu of other alternative treatments for pain.

What Triggers Pain?

Do you sometimes feel pain in particular parts of your body? Do you sometimes feel like someone has hit your head because of the sudden pain? A lot of people are wondering what trigger these painful encounters.

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