Ohio Marijuana Activist Michael Willett Joins The Cannabis Conversation

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Enjoy Memory Foam Pillows – Like Sir Chris Hoy

Britain’s most-decorated Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy, recently announced that he uses orthopaedic pillows to beat his neck and shoulder pain. Could memory foam pillows benefit you, too?

Essential Mineral For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body-especially for those with fibromyalgia. There are several risk factors that can contribute to your magnesium deficiency. See what changes you can make in your daily routine and diet to stabilize your magnesium levels to pursue pain-free health.

Swollen Fingers and Feet – A Symptom That Needs Medical Attention

Most common symptoms of swollen fingers and feet. Information on how to check your fingers and feet and take measures to prevent discomfort and disease.

Back Pain and UTIs

Back pain is a symptom of advanced urinary tract infection. Learn how to manage pain, heal and prevent UTIs from recurring.

Why Does Sciatica Occur?

Sciatica is a common neuropathy associated condition that causes pain, numbness and tingling in the back of the leg, traveling from the lower back down to the lower leg. The condition is caused by damage or compression to the sciatic nerve and often imposes mobility restrictions on the person affected.

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