Youngblood’s LED Grow Tent Update (Week 4)

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Got Shoulder Pain?

You’re not alone especially if you are over 50. A recent report* stated that more that 50% of individuals over 60 have a partial thickness rotator cuff tear.

What Is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia and Stress

If you have read anything about Fibromyalgia, then you will be aware that it is a disorder that affects the muscles and joints in the body. It causes pain, fatigue, and a whole host of other symptoms including sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and depression. Some studies show that Fibromyalgia is caused by a bacterial process, but this is not yet proved conclusive.

Regenerative Medicine With Stem Cell Rich Injections

Stem Cell rich injections are now available for patients dealing with painful conditions. This represents a potential breakthrough in pain management for patients dealing with back, neck, arm, and leg pain. For decades the gold standard in pain management treatment has been steroid injections for spinal or extremity pain issues. The non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory, stem cell injections that are processed from amniotic fluid have the potential for cartilage and soft tissue regeneration along with offering pain relief.

Rotator Cuff Syndrome Treatment

Shoulder conditions and dysfunction are common complaints among overhead throwing athletes and people with physically taxing jobs that overuse the shoulder. Competitive athletes who use overhead motions, particularly baseball players place tremendous repetitive stresses on their shoulders.

“Disability” at Work – Living With Chronic Pain and Fatigue

My pain and fatigue qualify me as disabled. I chose to live as a regenerated person, recreating myself to redefine my values and goals.

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