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Signs and Symptoms of Disc Herniations

The bones that make up the spine are protected by small, flat and round discs. These discs have a very tough outer surface and material that resembles jelly inside.

Making Adjustments in Lifestyle for Natural Joint Pain Relief

Pain is a natural response to some inflammation in the body and we tend to relieve it by taking medicines and pain killers. Most of the medicines are chemicals of different sorts and over use of these can cause side effects.

Symptoms and Preventive Measures of Over Dose of Local Anesthesia

In the field of medical history, there have been many such inventions that have changed the way we view medicine and medical procedures. From a key-hole surgery to an open heart surgery, every medical procedure has evolved over time to cater to thousands of patients around the globe.

Neuro-Pharmacognosy: Is It Nature’s Answer For Neuropathy?

Our understanding of the biology of neuropathy is increasing. This has lead to the potential application of natural substance for the relief of the signs and symptoms of neuropathic pain. This article discusses a number of natural substances that may benefit patients suffering with peripheral neuropathy.

Why Are Pressure Relief Products Important In Care And Medicine?

This article looks at using pressure relief products to help their patients. A whole range of products are available to help make their lives more comfortable.

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