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Is It A One Or A Ten?

Is it a one or a ten? A question a doctor asks every patient who seeks help for pain. While the rating scale will determine treatment when the patient guesses at a number, it is important to understand pain itself.

Median Nerve Entrapment Syndromes

If you experience pain, numbness and tingling to your forearm, hand and fingers, don’t assume it is carpal tunnel syndrome. Dynamic and static stenosis compression of the median nerve can happen in various places. The importance thing is to know is where pain, numbness and tingling occur so appropriate treatments can be provided. It is pointless to wear a carpal tunnel wrist splint or guard, have carpal tunnel release surgery or do strengthening wrist exercises if it is misdiagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow or tendinitis.

How to Relieve Aches and Pains

Here are some simple solutions on how to relieve aches and pains? Read a few of the common myths about pain.

With Nerve Damage, You Need More Than an Antioxidant

There are many suggested natural remedies for nerve damage (neuropathy). It can get quite confusing as they all sound plausible and for a person trying to work out what to do about their condition confusing. Find out what the body actually needs to repair the damage.

Tips for Going Back to School on Crutches

Tips to help children and their parents prepare for a new school year with an injury that places the child on crutches. The tips help the parents put items into place to ease the child’s transition into the year.

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