How to Appeal Your Cannabis License Denial in Illinois – Complete guide to lawsuits & amendments

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Affordable Care Act May Open Door to Alternative Medicine

Now that Obama’s second term is official, many are wondering what the ACA means for them. Learn how the new health care bill may create a more welcoming environment for complementary and alternative medicine.

7 Seconds To Pain Relief Full Review

With so many people dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis, there are many items on the market today to help stop pain in the privacy of your own home. This article is a complete review of a pain relief program called 7 Seconds To Pain Relief.

Preventing Osteoporosis: Regular Exercise

A critical part of maintaining or increasing our bone density in the face of osteoporosis is including regular exercise in our lives. Learn about the bone strengthening benefits of exercise, as well as some exercises you can do.

Shoveling Snow With Tennis Elbow

Shoveling snow is a reality of winter. But what if you have tennis elbow? Learn some helpful hints from the pros to get the job done with less pain!

Golfer’s Elbow – Or Is It?

Not all elbow pain in the same. Learn about some of the most common causes of pain at the inner elbow and why it’s best to seek medical treatment in the early stages.

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