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Chiropractors to Relieve Your Pain

The human population is on an exponential increase and with that, the number of vehicles on the road has also increased linearly. This has again increased the number of auto accidents that happen every year. Any accident will cause at least a small injury to the passengers inside the vehicle.

7 Tips for Keeping Hip Pain at Bay at Home or Work

The hip joint and hip pain are some of the most common causes for a trip to the doctor. Once upon a time hip pain was the provenance of the old, now doctors discuss treating hip pain in children. The hip is the largest joint in the body, a ball a socket joint that allows for the femur to connect to the pelvis. It is not surprising that hip pain is a common ailment. Below are seven tips for keeping hip pain at bay at home or work.

Joint Health: Problems, Causes, and Cures

Are you experiencing excessive pain and discomfort in your joints? Can you actually feel or hear the bones rubbing together as you move? Did you know chiropractic care can help improve your joint health? For more information on this topic, please click here…

Sound Integrated Tactile Stimulation (SITS) – Something REALLY New In Pain Control

New research suggests that it may be possible to switch off chronic pain through techniques that stimulate a part of the brain known as the thalamus. Co-stimulating visual auditory and tactile pathways are promising techniques for chronic pain reduction.

Magnets And Pain

Magnets and pain relief. There are a lot of people who swear by them.

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