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Chiropractic Treatment With Exercise and Physical Rehabilitation

Proper exercise and diet are important for maintaining a healthy body. Exercise can also be beneficial to management of back pain. If you are healthy enough for exercise, then talk to your chiropractor to help design an exercise regimen that will be most beneficial for your specific needs. Aerobic exercise is often recommended by chiropractors as this can be accomplished simply by walking.

Chiropractor Techniques For Back Pain

So you hurt yourself at work, lifted something too heavy, went to the E.R. and now you’re sitting in the waiting room of your local chiropractor’s office. Most chiropractors have a hands-on technique; they do not support surgery or the use of drugs for their practice. Their basic theory is with proper spine alignment, that your body will be able to heal without the need for surgery or medicine. Spinal manipulation is mainly used to ensure mobility for your joints that have been pinched from tissue injuries or repeated stress. The most common of these reasons is having poor back support. It’s creates a lot of stress on your lower back, and usually lends to spots being pinched.

Spinal Traction in Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic spinal traction therapy is a method of stretching and mobilizing the spine using hands-on or mechanic force. Alleviation in pain is sought with therapeutic spinal traction by loosening tight and/or constricted muscles around the spine, and to help decompress intervertebral discs in order to relieve pressure on the spinal nerve roots, which is a major cause of back and spine related pain. As with other chiropractic treatments, spinal traction may or may not help alleviate your pain, often times with chiropractic treatment what works on one patient may not be right for others.

Back Pain and the Relevance of Chiropractic Care

Back pain is one of the most common reoccurring health issues for people worldwide. Based on surveys and actual medical records, it is estimated that 8 in 10 people experience back problems at some time during their lives. Improper Lifting and Back Pain Lifting is generally a reason for back pain and problems that lead to extended misery. There is documented support to indicate that the chiropractic treatment of back pain is instrumental in recovery for the majority of people.

Pain Relief With Electrical Impulses From A Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal cord stimulation is a pain relieving procedure that utilizes the administration of electric current pulses directly affecting the spinal cord by an implanted pulse generator. This electric pulse interferes with the brains nerve impulse to your brain that relay pain. Typically, before the permanent implant procedure (which is an outpatient procedure) is done, the doctor will give a “trial run” called a percutaneous stimulator, which is outside of the skin with the wire going into the skin and to the spinal cord, if this trial run is successful, the doctor will then implant the stimulator permanently.

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