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Myofascial Release Could Be The Answer To Chronic Pain

If you have persistent muscle pain and knots that don’t go away, you may have myofascial pain syndrome. Learn about myofascial and self-myofascial release for treatment of chronic pain.

Embracing Natural Joint Pain Relief

Wouldn’t it be great if there were natural and safe ways to address your joint pain issues? Fortunately, there are natural relief options that work exceedingly well and are available to you now. Some of the different ways to relieve joint pain might be surprising to you, but modern medical science has shown that they can be quite effective.

The Five Best Pain Management Practices

Pain in the United States is a verifiable epidemic. Narcotic abuse is at an all-time high and pain in America costs well over $500 billion annually. In looking at the world of pain medicine, what are the 5 best practices for pain management to help move our country towards more effective outcomes?

Adult Scoliosis: The Result of an Untreated Spinal Curve in Adolescent Years

Scoliosis is most common among adolescents, but there are occasions when adults start seeing the symptoms that leads to the diagnosis of scoliosis. This particular condition is quite common, but if it’s left uncorrected and untreated then it can definitely worsen. Because scoliosis is more common among younger people, the symptoms are usually brushed off as “growing pains” which will delay the appropriate care needed to correct the spine. It is difficult to restore the spine to its perfect position with adult scoliosis simply because of the symptoms being ignored. Chiropractic adjustments, however, can help the muscles and nerves begin to do their jobs so the body can start healing itself naturally.

An Overview of Meniscus Transplant

The meniscus is comprised of two C shaped wedges of cartilage that cushion and stabilize the knee joint. It helps protect the articular cartilage surfaces from damage. If the meniscus is torn, it can cause significant patient symptoms including pain, instability, clicking, or popping. The typical scenario with surgery is to simply shave down the torn portion, however, it may work to repair the tear. If it’s severe enough damage or too many surgeries have been necessary, it may be indicated to perform a transplant.

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