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The Most Dangerous Number for Neuropathy Treatment Success

One of the things that concerns me while treating many neuropathy patients is when clinicians and patients focus exclusively on trying to find the “one” cause of their pain, burning, tingling numbness or other neuropathy symptoms. Most commonly, patients develop peripheral neuropathy as the result of multiple factors.

The Pros and Cons Of Radiofrequency Treatment For Chronic Back Pain

Radiofrequency neurotomy damages nerves to stop you from feeling pain. Learning the pros and cons will enable you to make an informed decision about this treatment.

Are You Addicted to Pain Drugs or Pseudo-Addicted?

Many people who take medication for chronic pain worry over pain killer addictions. If they have addictive behaviors they might be psuedo-addicted instead; a condition where the doctor has not given enough pain killers to take care of all the pain. As a result the patient is left trying harder to sufficient medication which makes them look addicted.

Wasp Sting Symptoms and Treatments to Soothe Pain

One of the insects that are more likely to cause medical problems are wasps, including hornets, yellow jackets, and paper wasps. Although most wasp stings will not lead to serious health conditions, some people with allergic reactions may suffer from medical problems, even death.

Effective Prolotherapy Treatments For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be devastatingly disturbing for those with a busy schedule, so you need to work out a quick painless solution. Prolotherapy is one such medical treatment which gives you the suitable cure without the complications of any surgeries.

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