Mitch McConnell Hates Marijuana – Stops Unemployment Stimulus

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Pain and Electricity

By blocking pain signals from reaching your brain, low intensity electrical pulses can actually help with cases of chronic pain. Physicians have known about this since the time of the Ancient Greeks. While the Greeks did not have nine volt batteries, they did have electric eels. It was discovered that placing a painful part of the body in a bucket with an electric eel helped alleviate the pain. While no one was really sure how it worked, the eel bucket trick was used for centuries to help alleviate the pain from gout. Today, scientists have a much better idea why this phenomenon occurs.

How to Treat Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Without Drugs or Side Effects

Electronic pain treatment is a proven and physician recommended way to get relief, regardless of etiology. Whether your nerve pain is caused by toxic neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, alcoholic neuropathy, inherited neuropathy, statin neuropathy, chemo induced neuropathy, or even idiopathic neuropathy, specialized neuromuscular stimulation treats all types of chronic neuropathic pain, and can help you. This is the only drug free, surgery free treatment system that makes sense.There is 1 which is designed to be safe and easy to use in the privacy of your own home and provides hours of relief.

10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Neuropathy

Painful neuropathy symptoms can be treated without the use of drugs. There are many things you can do to help combat your neuropathic pain.

How to Find a Good, Honest and Ethical Chiropractor

In this day and age it is hard to know who is being honest with you and who is just out for their own good. This is especially in healthcare where it is easy to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Chiropractors have gotten a bad rap for years, so this article will help you find a good, honest doctor of Chiropractic.

Common Sports Injuries Among Youth

We should aim to exercise 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes, 5 times a week to keep fit and healthy. However, injuries are bound to happen no matter how much u try to avoid it. Prevention is better than cure and athletes are much more educated nowadays and they know the risk involved in their chosen sports activity.

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