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Learn How to Start Breathing Healthy in Order to Avoid Pain

This is the breathing that provides the body all it needs and for the necessary conditions for sound health. Poor breathing can lead to chronic over breathing which in the medical circles is associated with asthma, sinusitis, emphysema, bronchitis, chronic anxiety and panic attacks for adults. Children suffer from snoring chronic mouth breathing and abnormal nonracial development.

Healthy Breathing Habits and Factors to Follow in Order to Avoid Breathing Pain

Breathing is life and different people have differing breathing patterns but all that is needed is that they all have healthy and proper breathes. Poor breathing leads to a lot of disorders but they can be prevented. There is a relation between good breathing and various breathing capability stages and their relation to the individual’s health, well being and life span.

What is a Jones Fracture?

If you have ever watched a basketball game and witnessed a player going up for a shot and coming down on another players foot, resulting in disabling pain as the player clutches his foot, you may have witnessed what is commonly referred to as a Jones Fracture. This fifth metatarsal fracture requires immediate aggressive treatment, in order to avoid long term complications that can be an athletes career ending injury.

Attention Runners – How to Heal and Prevent Shin Splints

Sooner or later most runners will get shin splints. If you have ever had shin splints you know how painful and annoying they are. I used to run with the pain, hoping it would subside during the first mile or so.

Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) And Fibromyalgia (FM)

Many symptoms of fibromyalgia are similar to those of EBV. These overlapping symptoms include fatigue, recurrent headaches, muscle pain, joint pain and sleep disorders. These common symptoms raise the question of whether EBV is a causative agent in fibromyalgia.

The Possible Medical Use Growth Hormone (GH) For Joint and Back Pain

Can GH be the next big thing in treating back and joint pain? Studies suggest the answer is yes!

How Pain Relievers Work

Pain is the brain’s way of telling the body that it shouldn’t be doing something. For example, if you’re cutting a bagel to eat for breakfast and you mistakenly cut through the bagel and hit your hand with the knife, it will unquestionably hurt.

Pain Saving Secrets For Fibromyalgia Patients

After swallowing all those vitamin pills and liquids within forty five minutes my vision was blurred, a headache had started and my neck and back were locked up in pain. What was in those vitamins?

Anxiety, Panic, and Fibromyalgia

Is there a connection between general anxiety or panic attacks and fibromyalgia? Yes, find out why I believe the connection holds the key to getting rid of both of them.

Energy in the Universe – Do You Have Any Clue on Curing My Pain?

What is stronger? The body or the mind? If the mind can do what medicine cannot.

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