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Recent Advances in Arthroscopic Surgery

The field of arthroscopic surgery has experienced a number of incredible advances in the last few years. Through the latest techniques, it is now possible for surgeons to make smaller incisions; with less tissue dissection, surgeries now have a higher success rate, and patients enjoy a faster recovery time. This article examines the most common types of arthroscopic surgery and discusses the impact of new technology and techniques.

MDs and Alternative Treatment for Back Pain

Have you ever wondered if your medical doctors approves of you seeing a chiropractor? Believe it or not, your doctor is likely to approve. Here’s why.

Backpacks and Back Pain in Kids

Before you head out back to school shopping with your kids, have you thought about how damaging a backpack can be to your child’s back? While a backpack may seem harmless, a bag that is too heavy can cause significant pain in children. Follow these tips for bookbag that is easy on your child’s back.

Lateral Meniscus Tear and Patellar Tendonitis

What is a lateral meniscus tear? An injury characterized by tearing of cartilage tissue on the outside of knee is Lateral meniscus tear. Prolonged Twisting movements of knee, High direct Impact to the joints or deterioration of cartilage can lead to lateral meniscus tear.

Relax Your Aching Muscles Anywhere and Anytime With Microwavable Heat Pads

Often the only thing that welcomes us at the end of a tiring day is aching muscles. We need something that can ease the pain and help us recover and prepare for what lies ahead.

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