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Managing IBS Pain

Pain associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is usually relieved with bowel movement. However, a person may continue to feel unexplained tenderness, contractions and aching, unconnected with bowel movements. Abdominal uneasiness or pain of this nature is usually a key indication of IBS. This uneasiness/pain may be present anywhere in the region between hips and chest which can change over a period of time. IBS pain is described as a cramp-like, sharp stabbing pain, also known as a stomach migraine.

Exercises For Heel Spurs

The best way of treating the painful condition of heel spurs is exercises. There are special exercises and techniques for those who are suffering from the pain of heel spurs.

Home Remedies For Heel Spur

Heel spur is nothing but a condition of the leg where the heel bones start extending abnormally. This results in pain and discomfort and the affected area is inflamed.

How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks – Treatments & Remedies For Your Panic Anxiety

There are many different ways and techniques when it comes to recover the panic attacks. There has also been certain usage of cure as well as remedies which can help to stop the panic attacks by use of proper medications. Find out all about your panic attack treatment

All About Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition of the foot that is very painful and inflammatory. It is a very common and known cause of heel pain that demands professional care only.

Cure Hemroids

Hemroids, also called Hemorrhoids or “piles” are painful bulges inside or just outside of the rectum and caused by weakened blood vessels in and around the anus which expand, protrude and can eventually erupt and can pose serious problems. Pressure on the rectum such as excessive straining during a bowel movement, heavy lifting, pregnancy and long periods of sitting down are thought to be major contributors to the development of hemroids.

What is a Heel Spur?

The terms Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur are often confused by patients as well as the doctors. Although, these two terms are related, they are not the same.

How it Works – Trigger Point Release, Paradoxical Relaxation Training

There are now an increasing number of men who are reporting significant improvement and relief from the symptoms that are directly expressed by chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). The treatment approach is directly focused on the pain caused by the muscle spasm in the pelvic floor. The holistic treatment program includes relaxation technique, exercise regimen, release of the myofascial trigger point and focused counseling.

When to Use Ice Versus Heat After an Injury

Have you ever been in a situation where you sprained your ankle or your shoulders are feeling tight and you have no idea whether you should use ice or heat? I get asked about this often. This is what I tell my patients; with a little extra detail.

Freedom From Chronic Pain – The Power of Metaphor

If we cannot express feelings easily, they are swallowed and pushed deep down inside of us. They later manifest in the body as pain and illness, yet the negative emotions remain unresolved.

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