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A Simple Way To Get Over Sprains And Strains With Immediate Effect

Physician’s Pain Relief Cream is a remedy, which one could use if he suffers from any of these common strains or aches. This works very well if one is an athlete, for seniors, or even if one does not involve himself in high intensity sports or weight training.

How to Treat Upper Extremity Pain in Spinal Cord Injury Patients

When patients suffer an injury that inhibits the function of certain parts of the body, other parts can compensate in order to function. In the case of Spinal Cord injuries, patients must rely heavily on their upper body, from using wheelchairs to transferring, in order to be able to participate in their daily life. This reliance can lead SCI patients to experience upper extremity pain.

Podiatrist – Routine Exercises To Follow

The term podiatry was used since the early 20th century in the United States to describe the branch of medicine that is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the lower extremities like the foot and the ankle. Besides United States, this branch of medicine is now popularly practiced in a number of other countries like United Kingdom and Australia. Who is a podiatrist?

Ouch! Why Do I Have Knee, Low Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain After Training With Weights?

Working with weights can be the most beneficial thing you do for your body, or detrimental if you practice incorrectly. The exercise will never hurt you–it is improper form that will injure you.

Distract Yourself and Find Joy

On a recent visit to the Dallas Zoo, we came across a very confusing and interesting exhibit. I am not talking about the dinosaur exhibit, although this was definitely rather strange, especially because the raptors were not fenced in.

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