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Find Out What’s Causing Your Hip Joint Pain!

Have you ever gone out for a walk or a jog only to find yourself seated along the pavement or in the park as a result of a nailing pain in your hip? Hip joint pain is easily diagnosed basing on specific tendering parts and the history of the pain.

Microwave Slippers – Stress and Chronic Foot Pain Therapy With Heated Slippers

Microwave slippers might be just the right thing for you if you wish to relax your minor foot pain. Heat therapy for pain has been around for many years and is not a new idea for pain relief. If you do not have heated slippers, your only option to reduce your foot aches and pains is to let them soak in a hot tub of water. When you are searching for some way to warm your feet or help relieve pain from cold feet, your first answer that you can look at is the use of microwave slippers.

Foot Pain – What Causes This Condition?

Our feet function as a shock absorber and cushion during exercise on up to 1 million pounds of force. On walking and running, it supports 1.5 times of our weight. These are some reasons why the feet are very prevalent to injury.

Relieve Neck Pain and Stiffness in 3 Easy Steps

Stress and poor postural habits play a big part in the common complaint of neck pain and stiffness. Stress can be in the form of mental stress or physical stress, causing pain in the neck and upper back.

Torn Rotator Cuff

In an adult population, rotator cuff tears are the most common cause of debilitating shoulder pain and disability, with approximately 300,000 rotator cuff surgeries performed annually in the United States. The diagnosis and management of rotator cuff disease places a significant financial burden on the U.S. economy, amounting to an annual cost of 3 billion dollars.

Restorative Sleep – Strategies to Maximize a Good Night Sleep

Have you ever found yourself muttering these words upon waking from what should have been a good night sleep or a nap that you felt you desperately needed? Feeling worse than when you went to sleep can be a very common experience for people who are challenged by chronic pain especially related to the chronic pain that is a part of fibromyalgia.

Bicep Tendon Tear

The largest elbow flexor is the biceps brachii muscle. This muscle is generally used in bending the elbows to lift objects and similar activities.

Ankle Discomfort and Pain

One of the commonly injured joint in the lower extremity is our ankle. The main reason for this is the fact that the ankle bears most of our body weight.

Patellar Tendonitis – Jumpers Knee

Patellar tendonitis is defined by inflammation in the patellar tendon, and most commonly occurs at its origin just below the kneecap. The most common cause is overuse or repetitive injury, and it has been reported to occur in athletes of virtually every sport. The patellar tendon is a thick, organized band of tissue that attaches the kneecap (“patella”) to the shinbone (tibia). It plays a crucial role in transmitting the forces generated by the muscles in the front on the thigh (“quadriceps”) to the tibia.

Dealing With TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain is one of the most annoying experiences that you can ever go through. TMJ pain can prove to be really excruciating and it can affect the other parts of the body.

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