Federal Cannabis Legalization News – December 2020 – Cannabis News Roundup

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Acupuncture For Tennis Elbow – Tips

Suffering from tennis elbow for more than a year and still losing sleep from the pain? Read this article for information on how you can eradicate the pain once and for all. This tennis elbow treatment is non-invasive and carries an extremely low risk of side effects.

New Treatment Pathway Proposed for Chronic Widespread Pain

Chronic widespread pain, such as in fibromyalgia, is notoriously difficult to treat. The British Pain Society proposes that we take a new approach to treatment.

Looking Ahead to Greater Orthopedic Health in 2014

When you visit a sports medicine center, one of the first things your orthopedic doctor does is take a thorough medical history. Understanding a patient’s past is key to improving health in the future, and looking into your own history of orthopedic health can help you enjoy greater flexibility and strength in the New Year.

An Intro to Hospice Care

Caring for the terminally ill and dying is a tough subject to approach, but hospice does a lot when it comes to helping this segment of the population out. It’s tough to address this issue because death is a taboo topic for many, but it is still important that the necessary care is given in the best manner possible.

Compounding and Customizing Pain Management

No one wants to be in pain all the time, but the reality is about 1 in 3 Americans suffer with chronic pain. Without a pain management plan in place, the ability to enjoy life can be seriously hindered. However, by working with experienced doctors and a compound pharmacist, a better life with more manageable pain levels is possible.

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