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Calendula Benefits

Calendula is an herbal plant, sometimes referred to as a marigold. The colorful and attractive flowers have the added benefit of being hardy, capable of growing in almost any soil and, therefore, easy to grow. Rich soil, however, is beneficial to Calendula as they will grow larger and faster in it.

Fibromyalgia – Definition and Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Have you ever had to deal with constant pain throughout your body and constantly fight fatigue? For those who suffer from fibromyalgia, this is a daily occurrence, which at times makes life extremely difficult.

Fibromyalgia and Holistic Medicine For Pain and Symptoms

Fibromyalgia symptoms exhausting you? Tired of the pain, depression and digestive problems? Are you finding it difficult to get any relief? If you are open to trying alternative healing methods, you are going to be amazed at the results.

Stop Dealing With Pain Through Medications! New Technology Could Start a Healthcare Revolution

No matter what the reason for the pain, one thing they all these people have in common is that they want it to go away! There is new technology out right now that is helping people with their pain through zero point energy. This could very well start a healthcare revolution.

Neck Pain Relief Tips

Neck pains are caused by different reasons. Some are the result of muscle spasms whereas others result from straining the neck muscles. Neck pain is not only isolated to the neck area, oftentimes it can also extend down to the shoulder area as well. Part of being able to relieve pain is in identifying what is causing it. Is it a simple neck strain, or something worse such as arthritis or damaged disks.

What is a Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma is a very common and painful condition that affects the furthest end of the foot toward the toes. The pain is felt in the front of the foot and may extend to the toes. The word “neuroma” is misleading because the ending “-oma” is often thought of as a tumor.

Treating Sprains and Strains Naturally

Sprains and strains can hurt more than a fracture under many circumstances. Here are five tips to help you recover from strains and sprains.

Joint Pain – A Natural Approach

Whether your joint pain is caused by hormonal changes, excessive acidity in your diet, cold and damp weather, arthritis or other factors, rest assured there are natural ways to increase your mobility while reducing and even eliminating your painful symptoms. With inflammation the common denominator of all joint pain, determining its source and implementing positive lifestyle changes is a great place to start.

What to Expect in the First 6 Weeks After Total Knee Replacements

When you make the decision to have total knee replacement surgery, you want to be sure you have a complete understanding of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. This type of surgery, while a common one, has many associated risks and complications. These problems can occur both during the procedure and in the recovery period. To avoid having reoccurring issues with your new joint, what you do in the first 6 weeks after…

Joint Pain Relief Tips

There are many different reasons why people suffer from joint pain, ranging from injury to a joint to arthritis. Joints also become damaged from excessive exercise or they also just plain wear out after time. If you are experiencing joint pain you should first of all make an appointment with your local physician so that he can accurately determine why you have pain and from there decide how best to treat it.

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