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Benefits Of Visiting the Chiropractor After An Auto Accident

Auto accidents victims have options after a collision. This article reviews those options and talks about the injuries associated with whiplash.

Facet Injections As a Choice for Back Pain

Facet injections are minimally invasive procedures that temporarily relieve pain resulting from an inflammation in a facet joint. Pain associated with a facet joint is not fully understood, but it is believed that it is possible that it stems from one of several causes, injury, arthritis, or degeneration, and it can produce symptoms similar to disc degeneration. A facet injection’s benefits only last  temporarily; from a mere day up to  a year  as it is a minimal procedure.

Pain Management Epidural Injections As a Treatment for Acute Back Pain

Patients seeking relief from extreme lower back pain are usually doing so from a bulging or herniated disc. Chiropractic medicine is often chosen as an alternative to invasive and risky surgeries when pain medications and physical therapies have been exhausted without much success. Patients are searching for a non-surgical means of pain relief to help alleviate the pressure around the affected pain and flush out the painful chemicals built up around the site.

What Is The History Of Chiropractic Medicine?

History or Chiropractic Medicine Although there is some debate as to the validity of this, September 18, 1895 is considered by most sources to be the birth date of the chiropractic practice. The story goes that a man was working when he injured his back and subsequently became deaf. Something to the effect of 17 years passed when Daniel David Palmer (1845-1913) upon hearing the man’s plight performed the first chiropractic adjustment.

Recurring Headaches and Migraines? Try Chiropractic!

Spinal adjustments can also be done to treat ongoing symptoms on a regular basis much like a health maintenance program. Often times chronic headaches can be treated and kept at bay with regular chiropractic adjustments. Headaches are often times hard to diagnose much less permanently treat with western medicine.

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