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The Meaning of Pain

“My neck hurts.” It was a simple statement, one that told me everything I needed to know about his life. He literally had a “pain in the neck” situation going on at work, and it showed up as a physical pain. When I first got my master certification in NLP and hypnosis, I was instantly drawn to a different type of coaching – working through emotions by working through pain.

Using a Pillow in Sports Injury Treatment

Immediate sports injury treatment plays a key role in faster and permanent healing. Sports injuries that those injuries that a person incurs during any sporting activity.

How to Use Ultrasound to Treat Pain

Ultrasound is used by physiotherapists to treat various aches and pains. It utilizes sound waves of a frequency too high for the human ear to detect. It has three effects on the tissues. Its mechanical effect is that of a very fast mini massage. In addition to improving circulation and drainage, reducing swelling and promoting relaxation, it can also accelerate the disintegration of small pieces of bone and grit in the joints.

Controlling Muscle Pain Spasms

Controlling muscle spasm pain can be a very difficult thing. Depending upon what muscles are affected and where it is located, will determine what type of pain management you will need. When it comes to muscle pain spasm it can be quite challenging to find an effectively way of controlling your pain.

Cell Phone Elbow – Modern Malady, Ancient Cure

As our dependence upon technology evolves, so do our chronic physical maladies. The case in point – Cell Phone Elbow.

Surgery in Treating Pain

No more than 5 per cent of all back pain sufferers are likely to benefit from surgery. In general, surgical procedures are reserved for cases that have not responded successfully to other, non invasive, treatments. It may be vital, however, for those whose back pain is caused by a serious condition such as caner or a fractured vertebra.

Medicines to Treat Pain

Some of the remedies that are most frequently taken to relieve back pain belong to a group of medicines known as NSAIDs. These non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs include the widely used medicines aspirin and ibuprofen, both of which are available over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

Complementary Approaches in Pain Control

In seeking relief from back pain, many have turned to disciplines other than conventional medicine or physiotherapy, and with some success. In addition to acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic and osteopathy, those considered particularly beneficial in bringing relief to people experiencing back problems include reflexology, rolfing and the feldenkrais method.

How to Buy the Correct Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain and Heel Spurs

Buying the correct shoes for plantar fasciitis and other common foot conditions. What to look for when buying good shoes.

Knee Pain When Walking – Treatment Options For Damaged, Aching Or Painful Knees – Special Report

Knee pain when walking is unfortunately very common. You have many options at your disposal to help get you through this kind of knee pain. This free information can help!

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