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Can Cryotherapy Replace Opiate Usage For Pain?

Unfortunately for our patients, under treating post-operative pain with sub-therapeutic amounts of opiate pain medication has become, in essence, standard of care. Of course this should not be the case.

Dr. Gregory Futrell, DC, Salt Lake City, Discusses Low Back Pain

Dr. Gregory Futrell, DC, Salt Lake City discusses low back pain and spinal decompression therapy. Dr. Futrell touches on how it works, who is a good candidate and what you can expect if you choose this non-surgical treatment.

Anti Inflammatory Support

Whether you knock your knee hard against a table or develop an abscess on the body, swelling, redness and pain are natural consequences of that injury or infection. Your physician informs you that the swelling and pain will persist until the inflammation goes down. We often use the term “inflammation” in common language. However, do we understand what it really means?

Hot Tubs Can Help Manage Pain

Some people who have arthritis deal with it in a variety of ways that do not include taking any kind of prescription medication. One way that people with arthritis pain management is by soaking in a hot tub of water to help alleviate their pain.

Tips On How To Manage Pain Without Drugs

The worst method of managing pain is administering drugs. This is because drugs simply act on the nerves to block the pain but do not address the root cause of the problem. It is also the reason why after taking pain killers you experience relief for a short while but the pains resume once the effect of the drugs in the body decrease.

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