Hash Church 3.0 Episode 25

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TMJ Disorder – Little Known Symptoms and Treatments

TMJ Disorder, otherwise known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, deals with the joints that connect your jaw to your cranium. This disorder covers several different minor problems, whether it is mere inflammation of the joint or severe problems with jaw placement.

Living With Osteoarthritis – Strategies For Reducing the Pain and Discomfort

The incidence of Osteoarthritis is on the increase and will soon affect one in ten of us. What is more is that there is no cure for this excruciatingly painful disease. How then can we learn to live with it and reduce its debilitating effects?

Treatment For TMJ – Common Ways to Manage the Symptoms of TMJ

There are several treatment for TMJ available nowadays. However, you need to know that each TMJ sufferer has unique condition. TMJ has different underlying cause and for some, symptoms of their condition would just disappear after a couple of days or even up to 2 weeks.

The Medicinal Uses of Women’s Hosiery

It may come as a surprise to some that women’s hosiery has actually been making strides in the medical field. No longer are pantyhose just for making a woman’s legs look good, but they can now also be used for healing. This type of hosiery is called compression hosiery, and has been available both over the counter and by prescription.

Treat TMJ With Practical Pain Management Plan

There are various ways to treat TMJ. But as with any other condition, you need to have the problem properly diagnosed first before anything else.

TMJ Pain Treatment – How to Manage the Pain

There are many symptoms associated with TMJ syndrome but the most prevalent of all symptoms is pain. It’s no wonder then that first intervention is geared towards TMJ pain treatment or pain relief.

Why Do Muscles Cramp and How to Relieve the Pain

You are just lying there, doing nothing and wham! Searing pain and your muscle tightens up for no reason. Catching it early makes it quicker and easier to relieve.

Why Do My Feet Hurt And What Can I Do About It? Part 3

What do bunions and calluses have in common? They rub you the wrong way and are frequently the source of major foot pain.

Why Do My Feet Hurt And What Can I Do About It? Part 4

Are you feet rubbing you the wrong way? Are you developing hammertoes? There are those who feel if the feet hurt, all quality of life goes out the window. What can you do? First, identify the condition and then find the correct shoe for the condition.

Experiencing Pain in the Joints of the Spine

What does French tennis player Tatiana Golovin, comedian Lee Hurst or Taiwanese musician Jay Chou have in common? It’s none other than the disease known as ankylosing spondylitis.

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