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Pros and Cons of Paying For Interferential Or Tens Units Out of Pocket Or With Insurance Benefits

Often a chronic pain patient such as neck pain, RSD pain, low back pain have heard of purchasing a tens, interferential or combination unit for their pain condition. The patient debates whether to secure the prescription, schedule a doctor’s or clinical appointment and fight through the hassles of filing or having a company file the insurance for the purchase. This article summarizes the pros and cons of using insurance or paying out of pocket.

Benefits of Using a Chiropractor

What are the benefits of using a chiropractor and why would you choose a chiropractor over your GP? Primarily, chiropractors spend years learning about the spinal column, central nervous system and detailed analysis of the body’s bone structure.

Tendonitis Patellar and Jumpers’ Knee Are Different Conditions That Are Often Confused

Jumpers’ knee is a widely used term to describe a condition involving knee pain. There are actually two different conditions a knee may have that are mistakenly called the same thing.

Causes of Fibromyalgia – Knowing a True Cause Can Help Bring True Relief

Most people never discover what causes fibromyalgia, and so they never have a hope of curing it. Don’t be one of those people.

Pain Relief Home Remedies

When you are blessed with good health, most of us do not appreciate it until it is affected in one way or another. A study suggests that over 50 million Americans live with chronic pain due to some disease, disorder or accident while over 75% of the American population suffers from some kind of acute pain be it stomach, ankle, arm, etc.

What is Pain Management?

Pain, sometimes called the fifth vital sign, is unquestionably the oldest affliction of mankind. We all experience pain each day of our lives to one degree or another. It might be a headache, a stubbed toe, a hangnail or a paper cut, but we all experience pain.

Knee Strapping

Knee injuries are extremely common, however they come in a wide range of forms. The first distinction is if they are a chronic injury, or an acute injury. An acute knee injury occurs in that moment, and is usually a result of a force put through the knee.

How to Treat and Recover From Whiplash Or Neck Pain Injury

Article on how to treat whiplash injuries which often result from rear car crashes or situations where there is a sudden motion effect which tears muscle tissue. By using cold therapy during the first acute 12 – 24 hours post injury and then supplementing with warm moist heat and either interferential therapy or wearing a tens machine, pain machine, the pain and suffering is reduces and full motion is restored quicker.

What is Chronic Pain?

What is chronic pain? How do you know if you are actually suffering from chronic pain? Chronic pain is characterized as lasting longer than six months. The pain can be mild or severe, it can be continuous or periodic, it can just merely annoying or completely disabling. Chronic pain can start from an injury or trauma or it can be an ongoing cause of pain.

Cactus Juice – Its Amazing Healing Qualities – Learn What it is and Why So Many Are Trying It

Cactus juice – a natural solution to inflammation! Why is it important to control inflammation? Inflammation can lead to chronic pain and serious disease.

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