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Foods That Can Alleviate Stiff and Painful Joints

If a person is suffering from stiff and painful joints, there could be several reasons for it. It could be due to arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. If a person is active in physical sports, it can also cause pain and stiffness in the joints. According to the Director of Allergy Medical UK, people suffering from stiff and painful joints due to arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can get rid of the pain and stiffness by eating certain types of food and avoiding other types.

Ways to Improve Pain Management Care in America

The American Pain Foundation came out with a recent survey stating that 17% of adult patients with chronic pain had difficulty reaching their general practice providers and over 40% of patients leave their doctor’s offices with unanswered questions about their care. It is also well known in research studies that patients forget about 50% of the information given to them by their doctors within 10 min. after leaving their office.

Patient Emotional Health Extremely Important for Post-Operative Functional Outcomes

Research on the functional results after surgery as it relates to a patient’s emotional health shows a definitive link. Multiple studies over the last few years in the literature show the connection between a patient’s emotional well being and how it influences the postoperative functional recovery. This link has been highlighted in areas such as joint reconstruction, spine surgery, trauma, and sports medicine.

Stopping Chronic Pain By Teaching The Brain

Our body has one major organ that is capable of learning. That organ is the brain. The brain can be taught by functional electrical intervention that the chronic pain message is not to be sent unless there is a new cause of pain. This article explains the concept of functional restoration being used to eliminate the chronic pain message so healing can take place.

Topical Pain Relievers for Back Back Management

When we think of pain management, most of us think of swallowing a pill. However, an effective and safer alternative may come in the form of topical pain relievers — creams, ointments and patches that directly target the site of pain. Learn about the different types and uses of topical pain relievers.

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