Cannabis and Heart Attacks: What We Know

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Energetic Evaluation – What Alternative Healthcare Often Lacks

People today have more information to make healthcare choices for themselves and their families. Many do not treat their doctors as if they know it all and have only their patient’s interest in mind. The majority of the U.S. population, in fact, is seeking alternative approaches to pain relief.

Kettlebells and Soft Tissue Health

Kettlebells are well known for their ability to develop unparalleled strength and endurance minus the muscle bulk that goes along with traditional strength training methods. Additionally, kettlebell athletes have highly responsive and pliable soft tissue.

NUCCA Chiropractic – Five Steps to Begin Healing

This is a summary of five essential steps that the NUCCA doctor takes a new patient through to establish the appropriateness of this procedure for a person in pain. The NUCCA procedure is a specialty within chiropractic that seeks to restore spinal balance. This correction sets up conditions favorable for the vertebrate mechanism to work properly, including the elimination of pain syndromes. This article dispels apprehension people may have for this specialized procedure.

Walk Happily With Spenco Arch Support

We tend to neglect the feet and never take care of it till it aches or we suffer some serious injury. This is unfair as the feet bear the weight of the entire body throughout the day without any complaint, so it deserves to be pampered and taken care of.

Can Chiropractic Care Be Used For Pain Management?

You have consistent pain that doesn’t want to go away. You’ve tried to rest and be smart with your activities each day, but the pain is still there. What can you do? You don’t want to live on medication for the rest of your life. Chiropractic treatment just might have an answer for you.

Herniated Disc Treatment – Brace Your Lower Back For Pain Relief & Support

If you have hurt your back then it is time you started looking for answers. Your quest has brought you here. It is time to read more about how to help relieve your back pain issues.

Knee Braces – Do Not Risk Getting the Wrong One – Critical Information Regarding Knee Bracing

When the sizes of so many things vary so greatly, how can anyone be certain of which size knee brace is appropriate? It is important to get the right one, so, how do you know if the correct one for you? Let’s discuss how to find your knee brace.

Herniated Disc – An Ayurvedic Approach

Diseases change according to the seasons, is a well known thought. But now we can say that diseases are changing according to the era. The conditions, which are common everywhere nowadays were rare few decades back. This is all result of the lifestyle, climate and change in food habits and working attitude, which is changing the scenario of the medical world.

Ergonomics Solutions That Relieve Back Pain For Active Living

Back pain is a common skeletal limitation in daily living, due to poor mechanics in the body. Ergonomics can help with back pain through correct postural positioning in ergonomic chairs. The ergonomic chairs stimulate correct sitting posture for breaking down the cycle of abnormal repetitive movements when prolonged sitting. Practitioners such as Occupational Therapists are trained in pathology and provide solutions that prevent the abnormal movements.

Types of TENS Units

Combination TENS – This machine has a selection of three waveforms and is used for acute and chronic pain syndromes which have become accommodated to the continuous square wave form of the conventional TENS. Pain relief will usually last longer due to the regenerative effect the burst or modulated waveforms have on the endogenous opiate system.

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