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Manipulation Under Anesthesia Provides Excellent Nonoperative Outcomes

Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) is a non-surgical outpatient treatment that is becoming more popular for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems such as: Neck pain, Back pain, Shoulder pain, Joint Pain and stiffness, and Fibrous Adhesions (scar tissue). The MUA therapy is widely considered to be a safe treatment with good results and a low risk profile.

Amniotic Fluid Based Stem Cell Injections As Regenerative Medicine

Amniotic fluid based stem cell treatments are the next evolution in regenerative medicine. Not only does amniotic fluid contain an immense amount of stem cells, it also contains a whole biological system that adds to the benefits. Amniotic fluid has been shown to be a rich source of proteins, growth factors and multipotent stem cells essential for fetal growth and development. Medical research demonstrates that the presence of these cells provides ancillary clinical benefits by enhancing the body’s natural regenerative process while filling soft tissue defects.This may benefit joint arthritis, tendon and ligament tears, and tendonitis.

Gregory Hunter Provides Plantar Fasciitis Strength Exercises Like No Other!

Gregory Hunter Certified Personal Fitness Trainer(CPFT) / Exercise Rehab Specialist(ERS) and Plantar Fasciitis Survivor shares his secrets. Plantar fasciitis treatment using strength exercises is one of his main ingredients to help relieve and cure your plantar fasciitis pain.

Best Resource for Plantar Fasciitis Strength Exercises

Plantar fasciitis strength exercises are the best natural treatment to cure plantar fasciitis pain! Big statement I know but this comes from experience and a hear-hear from former suffers when this statement is made. Strengthening exercises are important to any soft tissue injury.

Capsaicin: Real Pain Relief or Myth?

One of the most touted natural treatment of pain remedies to arrive in recent years has been topical capsaicin treatments. Does capsaicin really work to reduce pain in a safe and natural manner, or is it all hype?

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