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Home Treatments for Sciatica Relief

Inflammation and compression of the sciatic nerves are the main reasons why people suffer from the sciatic neuritis symptoms. For the first two days, using ice would reduce nerve inflammation and could even stop sciatic neuritis from developing. However, it is only effective on the first 2 days. You wouldn’t want to delay using it and most people wouldn’t since it could alleviate the pain very effectively.

How to Relieve Stiff Neck Pain – 6 Methods That Can Provide You Relief!

A stiff neck can make movements difficult and painful, especially while doing important activities like driving or working. Home remedies are effective in treating neck pain, stiffness and inflammation but if the issue is severe then physical therapy can give you long term relief.

Neck Pain: Torticollis Defined

This kind of torticollis has been labeled as “stiff neck” by those who have experienced it and is not considered to be serious enough to seek the help of a physician. Trauma to the neck area and tumors found at the base of one’s skull can also cause torticollis, with the former being treated through immobilization and the latter being treated through surgery.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts first came from the mineral springs in Epsom, England, home of Epsom Downs the famous horse racing town. The water was treated to derive these sharp, needle-like crystals in later times. During Shakespearean times, people would come to drink the waters from these mineral springs because they were found to be a great purgative (laxative), and gradually it evolved for a great many other uses. The chemical name for Epsom salts is: magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, and it’s symbal is: MgSO4.7H20.

Nopalea Cactus Juice: What You Should Know

Nopalea cactus juice is a wellness drink that has proven to be one of the latest buzzwords among nutrition and health enthusiasts. Nopalea is a natural supplement that has been discovered to provide an extremely efficient remedy for inflammation.

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