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Can Whole Body CryoTherapy Help Me Deal With Chronic Pain?

The opioid crisis in the United States is getting out-of-control, it has reached epidemic proportions and in some parts of the country the problem is so bad that nearly everyone knows someone who has the problem or has died from it. Nearly, everyone has an opinion as to whose fault it is. Many blame the victims or the addicted. Others blame the doctors for prescribing addictive pain killer medicine. Some blame big pharma, and still others blame drug dealers who sell street drugs to those addicted to continue their desire to stay in that state of being.

5 Home Remedies To Beat Menstrual Pain

Do you dread your approaching menstrual period? Does it make you irritable, give you cramps, make you weak and uncomfortable? Menstruating women deal with so many problems ranging from cravings to pain and body malaise. While you cannot entirely prevent these from occurring, there are home remedies that will help you tone down the extent of these menstrual problems and help you live through those five days like any other normal day.

Chronic Pain – Why Be Optimistic?

The management of chronic pain is one of the most widespread and difficult challenges facing health care professionals. Most sufferers believe there is a physical cause for their problem even though sometimes the cause isn’t found. They tend to regard any psychological or spiritual approach with scepticism. Actually, it is probably true that such practices cannot get rid of pain. However there is evidence that some non-physical interventions can lower the subjective distress associated with the hurting body. When medicine or surgery fail, what then can alleviate the suffering? Why should we believe that psychological or spiritual procedures might help with chronic pain?

Knees and Your Health

Your knees can be in pain for a variety of reasons. It can hamper your lifestyle in many ways. Here are some suggestions of why you have knee pain and how to remedy that.

How to Relieve Your Pain With Yoga

Who would have thought a few simple poses would alleviate headaches, back pain and other pains that many people suffer through? I was totally blown away when I learned that practicing yoga would get rid of my headaches. Had I known this many years ago, I never would have suffered body-dropping headaches as a teen.

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