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Is the Pain in My Hip Coming From a Hip Problem or From My Back?

When a person has pain going into the hip area, it may not be emanating from the hip itself. The pain may actually be coming from a problem that is occurring in the low back and the resulting pain is radiating into a person’s hip region. The problem may not be causing any low back pain so it can be difficult to delineate where the actual problem is coming from.

See Your Doctor Online and Avoid the Waiting Room

One of the worst things about going to see the doctor is a 15 minute appointment really means half the day. By the time you drive there, check in and wait for who knows how long, you could have accomplished many other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Arthritis

Osteoarthritis affects approximately one in 6 adults at right around 50 million people. If you are a woman, your chances are slightly higher than men for developing arthritis. Here are frequently asked questions about arthritis.

What Are the Indications for Neck Surgery?

When a patient has neck surgery, the results are typically much better than for surgery of the low back. The reason is that the indications for surgery in the cervical spine are much better defined than they are for the lumbar region.

How to Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery for Hip Arthritis

How can a person avoid hip replacement surgery when dealing with significant arthritis pain? There are several avenues of treatment which can allow patients to avoid surgery and here are the top three.

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